Monday, June 22, 2015

i am my own audience

"freedom of silence. for when speaking marks callous. considering speech clouds independence; the tongue snares without violence. or balance. the seesaw of utterance doubling as a hazy, subtle weapon of heart. foggy awareness of my solace existence in word. the written sound. poking its way past silence with a voiceless tone. a thorn. an itch unknown. i'm torn. inside two beats i'm shown. the brightness of what is dark inside a hole. steps of the unborn. leaves that do not want to stay in form. they fold. fruit formation to protect a rose. growth on concrete. the making of a thorn. an angry flower denied a blossom. its points of exhalation placed forcefully on hold. waiting to exhale. or so its told. petals telling the story of cold beginnings ending on a stove. 'bait in ice' tale. the word catching a cold. frozen verbs in an audience of one. i and I. balanced talk. the thorn that pierces concrete makes growth a canal. stalk. a plant. the silent speaker of all birth as banal. nothing new. merely listening to myself gain freedom of bark. born. silent no more, i listen to the writing on the walk.'

mitishamba ~ my footprints are trees
' wildly green'