Friday, October 23, 2015

a washington life

"i live on a dollar a day. full of life, i give no one honor nor praise. content to be surrounded by animals that attempt a bite every now and again. some call them campaigns. others migration. i simply enjoy how well the grounds stomach a paige. slaves to the dirt they walk on, mindless of their own decay.  i'm aware. i know not to defacate where i lay. i have knowledge that leading a herd heard from a mile away is a deep seated fear of who has the final say. i let them play. make noise of my poverty yet reak of gluttony gone astray. unquenched desires that require more than a single washington to assuage. i a dollar a day. they in bunches know not how to navigate life unscathed. oblivious to happiness' pursuit not being pay."

mitishamba ~ cotton bills, pay up!
'green day'