Tuesday, December 1, 2015

mitishamba, the word

"follow these sentences as they do reveal the path i take to outline my mind's heart. these are things i art to construct the portait that makes i thirst. also known, desire. it was written at first. an unborn idea, yet aspire. writ then bitten then things part. and when you look back, it's either history or salt you have at hand. ahead has already been arrived at so side to side is all the present has. stationary. idle movement is not just an oxymoron, the devil might state this a fact. or his place of work. so the rate of mindless existence exceeds what could otherwise be summed in a word. its that broad path. a dollar bath. baptised in the waters of the pursuit of happiness as though desire requires a spark. yes, this is the idea born of art's construct that diviates from the original lines that were written in blood. the heart now needs money, to be glad."

mitishamba ~ pay attention, for free.
'green, no charge'