Monday, June 4, 2018

she's pretty for a lightskin

"except She is dark. wrong color but the right shade makes Her stand apart. Her beauty a question mark. beholder, why take Her being as lark?! what isn't funny is how much She has been cast down for Her bark. left to answer as to why Her skin in social statuses is stark. or the definition of what is pretty from the start. She is despised inspite Her ability to allow the other woman an opportunity at creating a spark. a chance at being the subject of beauty, an attachment of perpetuity in every man's heart. at this, i know She laughs. comedy at the sight of men whenever a light-skinned harps. this she often gathers them like noah's arks. managing to engage in plurality when value is in the one that hasn't taken a part. she shows her worth will never near Hers nor Her tarp. covered as an enjoyment limited to sight and not for any life changing impact. simply, an amusement park. good to look at but engineered to be a shark. if layers were to be peeled like an onion, it is her getting darker while the Juicier Berry remains intact. she is pretty, but make sure the heart is not dark."

mitishamba ~ Berry sweet
"dark green"