Thursday, July 26, 2018

speaking clearly

"the essence of my blog is such that i present clearly with fog what i faith is. i believe God is a Woman. why?! i also had to ask. well, because She talks too much. and in so doing - since talking has been established an action - a presence of introspection She enacts. in part because there's no way that after creating, a male looks at the track. She, however, can recount with absolution the steps taken up to the point of impact. a collision of organs that gravity keeps intact. She knows art. he simply knows parts. direction, but not where to actually arrive at. only She can dress Her boy as the brother because a man's identity is Hers to match. in any way, i can go on and on about what verses speak of whom and wombs but i'd rather be a man coz that's too big a load to carry on One's back. yes, anywhere on earth only She can." Woman i Trust.
"batman vs Her greenery"

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