Wednesday, November 21, 2018

why I will not buy legal/factory weed.

'so all this time I have been risking my freedom for some shit people just had an opinion on?! specially whoever calls themselves the majority vote?! from the depths of my existence fcuk 'em! the pain of these legal limitations and fabricated obligations have destroyed lives beyond mention. and now they say 'we are free to sell, within restricted means'. as in, you have to be of some legal capacity to participate in this formerly illegal trade. fcuk 'em. I will buy my weed from El Chapo in Cell Block 4. say what's up to Chris Rock for me.'

Mitishamba ~ digging deeper
'honest greens'

Saturday, November 17, 2018

tounge and she

'understand that in articulating your mother's tongue, I know her inside out. Mine knew how to stay home, yours built rome. all roads and took loads.'

mitishamba ~ his story speaks for itself
'green MAN'

Friday, November 16, 2018

it speaks She answers

'i don't know if you know yourself woman!! the languages your body utters articulates with clarity what at the present matters. no one. not any other nor where the mind wanders. just you. an elegance of words that's who. how you arch your lower back in reception of my embrace. my glue. inseparable as a flood of kisses on the back of your neck makes you subdue. submit to your heart and let the mind rest on my clues. it's no wonder when you turn your head to the side, a full look at the empty sky,  a grunt - unless my eager senses lied, there goes that smile, oh you closed your eyes, i know then you're mine. with your tender neck inviting me, your entire being said take a bite. and i obliged. after all, at this point even snake couldn't say no to you, Woman!!'

mitishamba ~ for when i told Her it speaks
'green talk'

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

reading isn't fundamental

Two sentences in and your mind has given up. After all, there are other brief reads that populate your attention. The span of which hasn't stretched to this sentence. And if it has, you begin to reach for the ending of this elongated verbal expression displayed in a muted tone. That is the pain of a scribe; the ability to write with emotional rhyme and not be felt. Nor be heard or worse still, read. But such is life. Beauty is in expression, not reception. 

"I write for the thoughts that never got a second chance. And the thought the never got a chance or a second. These are the thoughts that lurk in the back of our minds. Hard to find coz they're confined the back of......."

'green word'

Friday, November 2, 2018


"kuna wengi. wengine ni wale wilioleta raha bila Mombasa. hapo ni mengi. shida bila furaha. hata kama yeye ni mkali, amekosa ladha kama senti. msupuu wa manoti hakosi flavor. yeye ako kila siku na resources aina ya benki. as in, you can bank on Her being the one that shikiliaz you hadi unadai umepita dunia bila deni. but you owe her one. kwa vile yeye sio mtu wa kuchekelea upuzi wako kama Wendy. huyo dame ako na ufala wa kujifanya kama anaezana na storo ya kuwa number one, lakini amejaa ushenzi. nimemkataa. zii. hapana. hata kama inabidi kuvumilia ukavu, siwachilii hii mbavu. nimekalia fensi. kujidai humpty dumpty. nangoja yule anayeleta utulivu wa  fikira. yea, i keep wishing kwa vile history yangu imeonyesha wako, lakini sio plenty. waliomo nikupitia hadi....sisemi!

mitishamba ~ mlima wa milima
"majani ya green: yes, redundancy"