Friday, November 16, 2018

it speaks She answers

'i don't know if you know yourself woman!! the languages your body utters articulates with clarity what at the present matters. no one. not any other nor where the mind wanders. just you. an elegance of words that's who. how you arch your lower back in reception of my embrace. my glue. inseparable as a flood of kisses on the back of your neck makes you subdue. submit to your heart and let the mind rest on my clues. it's no wonder when you turn your head to the side, a full look at the empty sky,  a grunt - unless my eager senses lied, there goes that smile, oh you closed your eyes, i know then you're mine. with your tender neck inviting me, your entire being said take a bite. and i obliged. after all, at this point even snake couldn't say no to you, Woman!!'

mitishamba ~ for when i told Her it speaks
'green talk'

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