Friday, February 22, 2019

two cents.

'in my opinion, the third thought is up for trade.

 But, cost of production requires more than two thirds the process it takes to construct the present traders' profit margin that's at stake.

 Before you can process the losses being accumulated, I must state that to begin with, the idea of human trade was just that, an existence of space.

 Means that all that is built on an unfinished platform isn't safe. lest it be forgotten, left behind, or simply classified as the age of the slave.

 Yet many took the step.

 A leap for the tree in the middle, as some books would say. It was the first time that white existence could exert fear after millions and millions of years of living with a dark face.

Anyway, there comes a time when the idea of physical competition becomes extinct or rather, fake.

Here is where there's the lack of bliss; ignorance ignored, molded, perceptions lacking a hardened existence of opinions-turned base.

  Termed new findings, but ancient to any afrikan Sage.

 The destruction of a foundation, roots, then ascribe a deserted land to a singular race.

However, all that live will know how many double antendras one can couple with a reality that constricts dual existence into a singular phrase.


 Oh lawd.

 Oh how god can multiply the individual idea of capitalizing on toungues into familial existence. Or simply, a gauge.

 A measure placed on the hefty value of, from that whole Book, just a page.

 I, Ishmael Mitishamba, send a Paige.'

Mitishamba ~ no slave in my blood
'green lineage'

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