Saturday, March 30, 2019

the mitishamba tribe

'invitation lonely!

 who said you suck at life because you heartfully make choices? you allow the heart to land on every surface it can reach and thus experience more wear and tear.

 on one step you move closer to mankind but then stumble with the second. and on other days, even nightmares are lived.

 that's because you support the mind while living with the heart. what has come to be known as rational vs irrational, or reality vs imagination.

 since today's reality is yesterday's imagination, i applaud those that live on reality while imagining tomorrow.

 aah, the mystery of tomorrow where nothing is known yet all is known at once.

meaning as your heart beats, it is yesterday you look towards.

 this is the dichotomy of energy.

 masculine paths of feminine direction.

  the mind or the heart.

 to a mitishamban, the heart reigns.

 it's all for Her that i and I lives, while masculinity is embroiled in conflict.

 the tribe that is mitishamba knows nothing at all, yet all at worse.

 the art of tomorrow living, while experiencing today.

 lonely enough to accommodate the mental tactics of those who would rather use time to clock human existence rather than the heart and it's drum beats.'

mitishamba ~ in entertaining others, i keep to myself.
"the tribe leader is green."

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