Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Bird Box

"during those days, people will seek death but they will never find it" Revelation 9:6

'The essence of life is death. This is because its only in death that we source the importance of time and it's limited capacity.

So banging ones head on a glass wall or simply walking into a burning car because you ”see” the truth doesn't mean you will be accepted in death.

No one that kills on the seas deserves a grave on land. Yet the ark carrying ancient human cargo did just that; buried the owner of all lands in water, and gave evil land.

Winter is coming.

Scenes of that movie attempt to erase the sins of those that lay claim to present day racial supremacy, just because they carried some children down a river. Or a pair of souls over some waters in order to split it. Read correctly, the red waters parted but not water.

Mixed kids of identies unseen that one must be blind to identify. See, when you separate a soul from it's grave, it's place of dreams, the essence of what existence means is translated into.......well,......

What's a dream if not creative thought?!'

mitishamba ~ divine verbiage
'the green word'

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