Saturday, April 20, 2019

The Slave, mastered

"if the shoe fits without you wearing it, someone is using your feet." a mitishamba proverb.

'Who really was the slave when the conscious of the world went West?! 

History, or more specifically Northern Hemisphere languages narrate all of Africa into that existence; African slaves. Went even steps further to ensure the skin of the tiller identified with its soil. Dirt. Mud. Black dirt. In summary, something all tread on. These articulated records showcase the wit, grit, and outright will of a people that  swooped South like an Eagle at an unsuspecting fish..........

It is at this juncture that a thinking man such as myself ponders whether the birds, being hunters of the waters' surface, seem to want to communicate their rising fears. A scarcity of meals. Land preditors having scoured the bottom of the ocean, they are rising to do so on land.

A purpose filled life. A man of war will transport himself to the battlefield by any means necessary. Even warring himself. To the peaceful hearted, don't fear your mind. It is in your ability to navigate thought that allowed this brutal energy it's place in books. Take heart, those in the waters see the sky more clearly.

Fear from an enemy is pleasure to a warrior.

                    [rough draft]


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