Monday, October 7, 2019

the day I died

"day I died no one cried. I mean, what tears could be shed when my feelings were always dry?! Long ago I said fcuk it to building fake relationships coz I kept it real when socially, all things were a lie. Like laughing at jokes not warranting a chuckle yet required my bellicose side. And when I barely giggled, quickly became the thorn on my loved ones' sides. What I now say is fcuk it. If all else fails I can atleast say to myself I was never using a social tactic. Quid pro quo. Scratching backs with expectation is the same as sucking dick. Woah! Yes, I have never been a fan of penile expressions that didn't involve my honest love for a Woman that was real. Oh! How rare that my expectations rarely met anyone worth a bill. So, my credit is shit. Never can I pay attention to another human defocating their will. Rather, in my death, all remains, still." 

"Green as shit"

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