"Ajar, none shuts, my words read like nunchucks, 'ol Kin Luau without the bright shirts"  Mitishamba ~ tense verbs lined in shrubs. 

my view on ignorant merchants of faith
october 19, '13

Chilling CCTV footage shows 4 attackers invading Westgate Mall

"the weapon these kids fear is reality. they live in a fantasy of words. they are the slave we read about. in a desert of thoughts passed down forcefully so they remain unable to muster the courage to look in the mirror and bout. kids that can't face themselves because even their parents continue to be beaten in that route. footsteps in a drought. sand steppers ignorant of water's clout. they think sand floats but its the beach rejecting their feckless shouts." mitishambadotcom...silent prayers.

response to comments berating travon martin's soul on USA Today article 
on the man that said God was the trigger, not his conscious. July 25, '13

"the scales on the balanced lady of uncovered law leans towards thought yet my thinking seems to be that this killing reveals where she placed her heart. as light as a feather, so all i see and read from the heavier side are some people running out of thought. residence on skin is just emotions that require lullabies to soothe individuals living in constant fear of every passerby's gut. instincts read thug therefore speech leads one to hear things that year-around brings feelings that make living feel unjust. yea i know, what is Mitishamba saying?! he comes off as daft. well, if land creates brave, i'm not trigger happy, i wear that! afrikan-.......fill in the blank." Mitishamba, trae, rest in the pieces of what gravity makes us - observants.

'free boat rides' youtube August 08, '13


"Funny how skin is the source of speech - what the soil sires. If you are limited to what you see, ask samson why he gets locked up, taken is his eye but waits for a flock to go blindly ire. Why his wisdom is always hidden, unless a delilah. And always able to recycle his heart, even when his mind is a constant on someone else's desire." Mitishamba ~ mi casa es su casa so if its demolished, who bears its image as science?!
ishmael. read me 

Response to Capped Isms on Youtube...July 10, '13

"Charity. Give, give, give, and let lives change and get used to getting things for free. You seen welfare's kids?! They're directing the planet from empty buildings in Paris while the torch of Liberty sight sees. I'm not against selflessness - its selfish misplaced lest one forgets - just that when you spend your childhood shaping your dreams doesn't mean reaching a quagmire means Afrika the direction you speed. Capitalism is less emotion more think so its only reasonable you stop objectifying what standard every one must live." Mitishamba ~ Only Decisions Come Free

"I could hurl insults but rather let them absorb food for their guts and give their tubes some gunk" 

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